IHSS Public Authority

The purpose of the Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) is to help IHSS elderly, blind and disabled recipients in hiring home care providers. The significant role of the Public Authority is to assist IHSS recipients in gaining greater access to care providers. This is accomplished by creating and maintaining a computerized registry of screened and trained care providers.

In addition to establishing a registry, the Public Authority is also responsible for:

  • Investigating the qualifications and background of potential care providers
  • Establishing a referral system to connect providers with recipients
  • Providing training for providers and recipients

IHSS recipients who are in need of a service provider can ask their social worker to refer them to the Public Authority or call the Adult Services main number at 707-995-4680.

Interested in applying to be listed on the registry and referred to clients? Call Public Authority for details.