Finley / Lands End


In December of 1969, County Service Area #6 (CSA #6) was formed to establish a domestic water system for the residents within the community of Finley. The current water system has been upgraded from the original much smaller community water system with the intertie to the Kelseyville water system in 2006, which provides improved water quality and higher water pressure and flow. Well #2, drilled in 1983 is for standby use only. Well #1 was placed on standby when the Kelseyville water intertie became active. The four active wells in the Kelseyville system supply water to Finley. Well water is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite, before entering the storage tank and distribution system. Water is stored within the distribution system and one 1,000,000 gallon and two 250,000 gallon storage tanks until used by the customers. In 1982, the Big Valley Rancheria was annexed into CSA 6. Shortly thereafter, several customers in this area began to receive water service.

Customer Statistics & Infrastructure

CSA #6/Finley Water currently includes:

  • 238 Connections (247 Single Family Dwelling (SFD) equivalents), serving a population of nearly 657 residents.
  • Over 28,000 ft. of distribution pipeline.
  • One 5,000 gallon pressure tank (on standby from the old Finley system)
  • 3 Storage tanks (1-1,000,000, 2-250,000 gallons - Kelseyville)
  • 1 Service pumping station


This water system is for domestic water use and the water system’s customer base is 100% metered. The water distribution system has recently been inspected and the main distribution lines received a  comprehensive leak detection inspection in 2015. Prior to the Kelseyville intertie coming online in 2006, pressure-reducing valve (PRV) notifications were delivered to customers in response to improved water system pressure. Several leaks were found and traced to the customer’s side of the system. Customers were notified about these leaks. The water wells and distribution system are currently operating as efficiently as possible and providing water to customers in compliance with all applicable water quality standards. The 12-month average increase in the Finley Water System’s customer base is < 1%. Many portions of the original water distribution system were constructed with less than ideal materials and design, during a time well before District staff had any role or oversight.  The system continues to be a maintenance challenge.


Anticipated improvements within the distribution system will consist mainly of piping and looping to maintain water quality and supply.